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About WIDC

Women Inspiration Development Center was formed in 2008 by Busayo Obisakin along with a group of friends and collegues that initially called themseves as “Vigillantes Against Violence” to curb violence against women and girls in their community. The group officially became registered as an organization as women Inspiration Development Center in 2010.

Our Mission

The mission of the Women Inspiration Development Center is to improve the health, economic, and social status of Nigerian Women and Girls in order to empower them to lead fulfilling lives free of violence. 

Our Vision

The vision of Women’s Inspiration and Development Center is to provide a safe place and network to empower women and girls in challenging situations so that they can discover the real purpose of their existence and create new possibilities for themselves without fear or intimidation.

Our Work at WIDC

Direct Support Services

One to one counselling:

Women Inspiration Development Center offers one to one counselling and psychotherapy for victims of violence, helping them to break the chains of trauma by talking about their experience. We then offer a client centered and confidential counselling in person or though the phone.

Agency Empowerment

We offer a game changer agency empowerment workshop for women and girls facing violence for them to be able to say “I am and I can” and then make strategic decisions and choices to move on in life.

Skill Acquisition Training

We also offer the women vocation training choice either in Tailoring, Bead making, Soap Making, Adire Making and Catering services for them to have a business that will be keeping them and their children.

Group Support and Table Banking

The morale gets a boost when a woman knows she is not fighting her battles alone. Collective confidence is a strong remedy for the survivors of abuse therefore WIDC runs support groups and table banking system where survivors of violence share with each other, assist each other to be empowered economically

Initiatives for Social Action and Change

Conducting Public Awareness Campaigns and Programs:

WIDC conducts awareness campaigns and program on two local FM radio stations that is heard in at least 9 states in English and our local language.

Building Violence Free Communities

We mobilize community women, men, girls and boys in schools, rural communities and urban areas and equip them to prevent violence against women and girls in their communities. Our support groups provide women with support services, create avenues for their economic empowerment, and help them claim their rights.

Networking and Advocacy

WIDC collaborates with women and human rights organizations, networks, and movements to advocate with different agencies to advance women’s right and prevent violence against women and influence changes in policies and procedures

WIDC’s Recent News

WIDC is Recruiting Young Women For Her Educational and Vocational Program for a Year

WIDC is Recruiting Young Women For Her Educational and Vocational Program for a Year

WIDC has secured a page on Global Giving

The Women Inspirational Development Center plans to provide agency-based empowerment to 250 young women from Nigeria who, following completion of secondary school, work the streets due to lack of employment or further education prospects. This project minimizes the...